Staffing Philosophy

Staffing Philosophy

The philosophy of Boandik Lodge acknowledges the value of every individual. This is the core of the culture of our organisation and applies to residents, clients, staff, volunteers and all stakeholders.

Our expectation of staff is that they will embrace this culture and work as a team to ensure that all clients have a genuine opportunity to live a meaningful life whether in their home or a residential facility.

We provide a flexible and inclusive workplace where the contribution of every person is appreciated and acknowledged.

For the benefits of working at Boandik Lodge

The benefits of working at Boandik Lodge

Boandik Lodge is committed to providing a safe and supportive workplace. We provide all the usual entitlements under Awards and Agreements but also offer staff a wide range of benefits.

  • Flexibility with rosters and days of work to suit lifestyle choices
  • Choice of timing of annual leave
  • Flexible with days off to suit family commitments
  • Staffing levels are adjusted as resident/client care needs increase
  • Excellent Occupational Health and Safety system
  • Support and assistance for injured workers
  • Early intervention physiotherapy program
  • Morning tea provided
  • Fresh Fruit available
  • Registered Nurse Scholarships
  • Extensive training and professional development opportunities
  • Training rewards program
  • Special leave
  • Staff are able to bring children to work in circumstances where care cannot be arranged
  • Peer Support Program
  • Chaplain
  • Acknowledgement of staff contribution
  • Wellness program
  • Volunteer program provides great support
  • Well maintained environment
  • Opportunities to take on leadership roles on committees, as trainers or assisting with quality processes
  • Extensive salary packaging
  • Overnight accommodation for staff

The staff at Boandik Lodge are our major asset, their commitment to providing quality care to residents and clients is reflected in many areas of the organization.

  • There is a stable workforce with the length of service averaging over 7.9 years
  • Staff are resident/client focused
  • The accreditation results that Boandik Lodge achieves in residential and community are due to the contribution of the staff
  • There are many letters of appreciation, congratulatory quality forms and positive comments about the staff
  • The gifts and bequests that Boandik Lodge receives are due to the excellent care provided
  • We have a substantial number of staff pursuing continuing education in aged care
  • Staff are receptive to new ideas and always keen to hear of different ways of doing things
  • Boandik Lodge receives excellent support from the community and it is due to the great reputation we have. This relates back to the quality care that is provided to the aged in our community by our staff.